Advice From Those Who Did It Before Us- Angela Bassett

Advice From Those Who Did It Before Us- Angela Bassett

“Don’t settle for average. Bring your best to the moment. Then, whether it fails or succeeds, at least you know you gave it your all.”

Angela Bassett

I’m sure we’ve all been in a situation where you might not have been feeling the best that day, or you weren’t super confident in whatever important moment it was, and things didn’t go your way. Well, that feeling sucks. You don’t know if your ideas didn’t work out, or if the way you presented them wasn’t good enough. Either way, you are left with doubts about your performance.

It’s definitely easier said than done, but it is important to bring your best to the table. Every. Single. Opportunity. You. Have. Yes, that may be really hard. There are so many factors that go into your mood, but you need to do whatever it takes to be all there when it matters.

Angela Bassett is a great example of someone who always brings her all every chance she gets. This amazing actress has faced a good amount of challenges getting to where she is today. Growing up, she was raised in Florida by her single mother who was a social worker. From there, she worked very hard to attend Yale School of Drama. She didn’t settle for average in college either. As a result of her work ethic, she earned a B.A. in Afro-American Studies and an M.F.A. in drama.

After graduation, she had to really prove her talents to gain roles not traditionally assigned to African-American women. Now, this well-decorated actress is known for playing exceptionally strong women, as well as being extremely versatile on-screen.
(Background info from

If you should take one piece of advice from Bassett it should be to always bring our best to every situation and never settle for average

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Does Covid-19 have you working from home?

Does Covid-19 have you working from home?

By now, we’re sure you are posted up in your home working remotely in efforts to keep yourself and your team healthy through this pandemic. We don’t blame you, we are too! Some of us though are not experienced in what it takes to be effective at working remotely, and that is why we reached out to a couple of people who we know have done it well. We wanted to get their advice and share it with you all in hopes that their knowledge can help you through this tough time of isolation.

One of our team members, Reese, has had a lot of experience in the past with working remotely, while he doesn’t do it on a day to day basis for his full-time gig, he does work remotely for us and it has turned out pretty well. Ben Stineman, on the other hand, has 12 years of consistent experience working remotely for some of the biggest companies in the country. Below are a few tips from each of them that we thought you could use to help you out a bit. There is some overlap, and we left it in there intentionally to reinforce the importance of the tip when both of these guys are referencing it in their own experiences.

Working remotely due to Covid-19

Tips from Reese

  1. Utilize presence effectively. If you are at lunch…say so.
  2. Have a dedicated space to work.
  3. Get up. Shower. Put on real clothes. Have a cup of coffee. Eat breakfast. Stay in your normal routine. Working in your pajamas is great for a day. For a week, it can be a problem.
  4. Communicate with the group as if you were there in person. If you have a one on one conversation but your intent is to have that conversation be heard by others, they won’t hear you unless you bring them into the convo.
  5. Set an hourly timer to get up and take a break. It is easy to get sucked into work for the day. You need to step away for a few minutes every hour.
  6. Take a lunch break away from your desk. Again, it is convenient to work through lunch but it isn’t healthy.
  7. Do your best to socialize outside of work. If that means playing an online game with friends, do it. If it means movie night with your roommates, do it. Force yourself to keep a social life.
  8. Be available during normal work hours.

Tips from Ben

  1. When you get up, do a morning routine as if you were going to leave where you live and go to work. Take shower (if that’s a morning thing for you). Put actual pants on. Get a coffee. etc.
  2. Don’t work from the couch – have a desk or sit at the table if that is what you have.
  3. Try to isolate from your housemates / family / SO – if that means setting up a small table in a bedroom, do it.
  4. Slack is great for communication, but it can also be distracting. Try to resist the habit of responding to everything immediately so you can have blocks of concentration time.
  5. That being said, communication as a remote worker takes more effort for some people. If you need something, say something. Also, if you need to step away from your work area, let people know. Have a dedicated OOO/away slack channel for this.
  6. Resist the urge to do things like watch Netflix or play games – be an adult and control yourself. You are being paid to be productive for the objectives set forth by the people that pay you, not play/chill. 
  7. If you spend time on video conferencing or do anything network intensive, get ethernet cable from your router to your computer – wifi will let you down, consistently. 

So what do you think? Are you up for the challenge of working remotely? Will these tips help you through the Coronavirus pandemic? Let us know in the comments below what you think. If you have any of your own tips, drop them down there as well.


  1. Elevate your communication game
  2. Create a dedicated workspace
  3. Set a schedule and stick to it
  4. Focus on your peak hours
  5. Identify your weaknesses
  6. Dress for Success
  7. Don’t be a loner
  8. Remember to take breaks
  9. Opt for an occasional change of scenery
  10. Separate your professional & personal lives

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Advice From Those Who Did It Before Us- Walt Disney

Advice From Those Who Did It Before Us- Walt Disney

You don’t reach your goals by talking about them. You reach them by putting in the long hours and hard work.

We all know that person who is all talk. Every time you see them they have a new goal or dream, and they never really stick it through. Well, this quote is for that person.

There’s nothing wrong with having many big dreams. In fact, people are drawn to creative minds. But if you keep talking about big ideas and never show you are taking steps to turn them into a reality, over time, you’ll lose your credibility. Don’t get me wrong, talking is an important part of the process. Thoroughly talking through your ideas with others is important because you may gain valuable feedback. However, always make to follow up brainstorming sessions with the time and work to make your vision a reality. Be the person who not only has good ideas but executes them as well.

Walt Disney was a TV and movie producer, a pioneer of animated cartoon films, the creator of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, and was heavily involved in the planning and building of Disneyland (Source: If you think Walt Disney gained all of this success through dreams and luck, you are very wrong. It is evident that he was a dreamer, but even more notably, he was a doer.

Disney was known as someone who was “never one to rest or stand still.” This helped him to back up his big dreams with hard work. His dreams combined with the actionable steps he took to make his dreams come alive resulted in massive success. How many people in pop culture can you say are known by a majority of the world? Without the work he put in, his dreams would have stayed dreams, and we wouldn’t have the beloved Disney franchise as we know it.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

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Advice From Those Who Did It Before Us- Seth Godin

Advice From Those Who Did It Before Us- Seth Godin

Seth Godin quote:  "Not everyone is your customer"
If you market to everyone, you market to no one.

You need to put in the work to know who your customers are ASAP. If you don’t do this you may be losing business to competitors who have a better grasp on their target audience.

Getting to know your customers is crucial. Not only because it’ll help you to get more business, but so you can give current and future customers the best possible service you can offer. Emphasizing getting to know your customer’s needs and wants will turn into creating relationships. This is important because the relationships you create are HUGE.

Positive word of mouth marketing is absolutely everything today. There are so many identical goods and services on the market that people are very likely to consult a friend, Facebook page, or any reviews they can find before making a purchasing decision to ensure they are finding a great fit for them.

Seth Godin is a perfect example of someone who has always kept his target audience at the front of his mind

Here is a condensed timeline of his early accomplishments:

1995: Launched ‘Yoyodyne’ A company that used innovative ideas to promote companies among their target audiences.
Became big when a venture-capital firm invested $4 million for a 20% stake. Then gained popularity and companies like Microsoft, Sony Music, Sprint, and Volvo started using its services.

1998: Sold ‘Yoyodyne’ to ‘Yahoo!’ for $30 million & became Yahoo’s vice president of permission marketing.

2000: Wrote ‘Unleashing the Ideavirus’, which is claimed to be the most downloaded book of all time.

2005: Published another book ‘All Marketers are Liars’. The book got serialized in the Fortune Magazine and made it to the Amazon Top 100 bestseller list.

2006: Launched ‘’ which became one of the 500 most visited websites in the world.

2007: Published ‘The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit’, which ranked at number 5 on the New York Times Best Seller List.

(Timeline info from

A pattern in all of his great early accomplishments is that he always knew who his target customer was. From the start, he created a business that promotes companies to their target audiences. So it’s pretty obvious that this is his strong suit. Now as an author, it’s clear he hasn’t lost sight of knowing who he is creating content for. Due to this, he is now a very decorated author with a grand total of 14 bestsellers under his belt.

From Godin’s success, we can credit that the man always knows who he’s talking to.

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Advice From Those Who Did It Before Us- Steve Jobs

Advice From Those Who Did It Before Us- Steve Jobs

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle." Steve Jobs
It’s almost impossible to put your all into something you don’t love

There are probably countless factors that went into your current career path. Whether you looked into jobs you were interested in for the paycheck, ones your parents influenced you to consider, what your advisors told you you’d be good at. But really, the only way to “do great work” and enjoy getting up to go into work each day is to find a career path YOU are passionate about.

Steve Jobs book and iphone

It’s easier said than done to get into a career you are 100% passionate about. Everyone needs a job to provide for yourself and your family, but you don’t have to settle into a career just because you have to. Our jobs take up a large majority of our days. Spending life just waiting for 5 pm or waiting until the weekend can really cause you to burn out. If that’s your case, continue doing what you have to do for now, but as Jobs said, don’t settle!

I think we can all relate a little to this entrepreneurial icon. Looking into the path Jobs took to success, you can tell it wasn’t a straight line. Before co-founding Apple, he dropped out of Reed College. The university who now calls him “one of the most famous dropouts in history” They also highlight the variety of classes he took including calligraphy, dance, and Shakespeare. As you can see, he took his own advice, experimenting in many many areas before finding what he truly loved to do.

Keep searching until you find something you love to do, and do it with your whole heart.

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