Do You Think Everyone Has Unique Skills? I Do!

by | Oct, 2022

Organizing a wedding can be stressful. Not only do you have to figure out which family members can’t sit next to each other, but you also need to have the entire day planned out. For my wife this seemed to be an impossible task, how on earth could you plan out an entire day and keep it on schedule? Luckily for her, this is part of my everyday life thanks to my profession. 

For my wedding, the organization was not the stressful part for me because I’m constantly building schedules at work. Even before working at Pixel Labs schedule organization was just something I was good at. Which meant casually telling my wife not to worry about it and waiting until the week to finally complete it was easy for someone like myself. Just don’t ask my wife how she felt about it…

I think people often forget about their unique set of skills because to them it’s just who they are. You don’t pick a profession simply because “it sounds fun” you pick it because it resonates with you. This means these skills are transferable to other aspects of your life. My wife comes from a cooking household whereas I come from a baking household, which I’ve noticed yields two very different types of people. With cooking the recipe is typically a guideline or a starting point. Unlike baking in which the recipe is normally law. When my wife sees “one tablespoon of butter” she will grab any old spoon and add what feels like one tablespoon. She’s much more free-flowing and not as meticulous as I am. When I see “one tablespoon” I break out the measuring cups because I’ve found table spoons can vary in size and shape to a degree. It stresses me out to just “toss” ingredients into a bowl and hope for the best, even though her cooking always turns out immaculate. These upbringings resulted in two different people which ultimately influences their skills. Being okay with a casual approach it has allowed my wife to excel in nursing where she needs to roll with the punches. Whereas my more structured approach has allowed me to excel in planning as a production coordinator. 

It’s easy to forget, but important to remember just how valuable each person is because of their own set of skills. Life is a team sport and if you try to excel at it all by yourself you’ll fall flat. This is why it’s not only important to surround yourself with like-minded people, but also with those who think differently. Your stressful task might just be someone else’s bread and butter. 


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