How to Pick a Hobby

by | Sep, 2022

For too long, I didn’t have a hobby. I saw friends and family members with “cool” hobbies that brought them joy and connected them with others. Some were sportsmen, some created content online, and some worked on cars. So, I found myself wanting to know how to pick a hobby.

This is one of the reasons the internet excites me so much. While you can definitely spend too much time online, it can be a gateway to information and people that let you explore ideas and opportunities you never could have dreamed of.

Picking a hobby is challenging, so you have to start with what you know.

Steps on how to pick a hobby

  1. Make a List of Things You Like
  2. Research What Others Have Done
  3. Find Ones You Can Try
  4. Don’t Limit Yourself

Let’s dive into these steps to learn more about how to pick a hobby

Make a list of things you like

This one does not seem too complicated, but it can be a tough one. It may be best to bring in a couple of close friends or family members to help you out. Ask yourself questions like the following:

  • “What do I enjoy doing in my free time?”
  • “What types of content do I watch for entertainment?”
  • “Where do I find that I spend the majority of my money?”

These questions exist to serve as guides toward finding a hobby. If you enjoy watching videos of people working on cars or attending car shows, maybe you should find one in your local area. If you like to spend money on clothing or like keeping up with current trends, maybe learning how to create clothing would be a good next step.

While these questions will never directly provide you with a hobby, they will start to open the door a bit and help you identify some opportunities.

Research what others have done

This may or may not be applicable to your situation but some hobbies can provide you with some side income. If you enjoy watching folks work on and restore old bicycles, maybe this could be a side project that leads to additional income. You’ll want to see how folks decide which projects to work on, and what they look for. This is generally a more advanced hobby that is definitely not necessary for everyone.

Find hobbies you can try

This may seem basic but it’s a good reminder. Start off with the low-hanging fruit. Are there hobbies you can try in your backyard? Gardening? Woodworking? Are you interested in supercars? Maybe go check out a local car meet – the majority of the time they are free.

Don’t limit yourself

The last and final step is to not limit yourself. A hobby can be a great opportunity to relax and take a break from the stress that life may throw your way, but if there is room to grow, take it! Also, don’t forget you can invite others in and join you as you progress. Hobbies are a great way to meet others and find folks with common interests.


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