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by | Nov, 2019

When I sit down and think about the items I am thankful for one of those items is the ability to see the world, both for my job and with my little family. When I was a kid we used to travel at times and I didn’t realize how amazing that was to have the option. Not everyone that I knew growing up was able to see new places. I went to Disney as a kid, and I got to go on a 2 week-long trip down to Arizona & back. When I was in High School, I got to enjoy trips to Canada & Mexico. I always got homesick if I was gone too long, but it was fun seeing so much of North America. 


I didn’t travel a lot in college because when I was in school the Study Abroad programs were not as big as they are now. Let’s be honest, I wasn’t traveling somewhere new all by myself. When I was in college and newly married, Zach and I did a lot of trips to the Mall of America and a few trips to Chicago. I know they aren’t very far, but it was nice to just get away from Cedar Falls a bit. 

Pixel Labs

When Zach started Pixel Labs, I didn’t realize he would be traveling as much as he would be. Honestly, I was pretty upset about it especially since I was home with our two small children. Then in December of 2015, I finally got to go on my first trip with Zach for Pixel Labs. And it was to a brand new city for me, New York City! We decided to add a couple of days so that we could enjoy the sights as well as get our work done. I was hooked on traveling. I loved to see new places, but still, get to come home to Iowa with my family!

Since that trip to New York, I have gotten to go to Los Angeles, Nashville, San Francisco, Omaha, Minneapolis, & Denver! Since adding our sweet baby Jaxson, I haven’t had a chance to go on a trip in a while. But I can’t wait to go somewhere next year! 


Another thing I love about traveling is when we can take the kids to new places. This summer, we took our first summer vacation as a family of 5 to St. Louis, MO. We did so many new things! We saw the Arch, went to City Museum, went to the Zoo and ate some amazing food. You can tell by the kids’ faces that it was a fun adventure. I can’t wait to do it more often. They have been making their list of places to see and waiting for us to take them on an airplane. Zach and I have always talked about how we love living in Iowa and still being able to see the world! And we hope that we can share that love with our babies. 

So today, I am thankful for having a job that takes me new places and also gives me the ability to take time off to travel with my family!


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