Why You Should Invest in Professional Brand Design

by | Mar, 2022

We talk a lot about how your brand is more than just a logo, but what does that actually mean for your logo? We’re here to explain the importance of a high-quality brand design and why you should invest in professional brand design.

What is brand design?

First, we have to ask ourselves what your brand design is exactly… Think visuals, this is everything that your customers see while interacting with your brand. People tend to think this is just your logo, and yes your logo is a big part of your brand design there is definitely more to it. 

This graph showcases when comes to mind when someone thinks of the word “brand”.

Source: https://financesonline.com/logo-statistics/

Your brand design should generally include your logo and different logo variations, all the needed deliverables in their correct file types, any assets like font files, and your brand guidelines.

While a brand design process isn’t quite one size fits all these are the main things that should be included, depending on your designer and agreement you might have additional things included like social media headers and images, packaging designs, etc. to better fit your needs.

Why is this important?

Now that we know a little bit more about what your brand design is and how it’s incorporated into your overall brand we need to look more at the why; why a professional brand design is so important…

  • Quality: With a professional designer you also get the knowledge and expertise that allows you to feel confident in the quality of your brand design. This can be in a more technical sense that you will end up with the correct file types to a more creative sense in they can provide visually appealing, eye-catching brand design.

  • Ease of Use: When everything is set up, explained, and completed correctly you get ease of use for both yourself, your audience, and anyone you work with in the future. You’re able to send vendors and companies the correct file type, you have outlined standards for how to keep your brand consistent with the same colors, fonts, etc., and you save time having to fix issues or even going back to the original designer for certain files or information about your brand design.

For example, here is Pixel Lab’s brand style guide!

  • Complete + Correct: While this ties into and affects the ease of use it is also important that your brand design is done correctly on a technical level to avoid issues in the future. This includes things like copyright, licensing, etc. Your designer should have the knowledge to create your brand design without copyright infringements and have the correct licensing for fonts, images, or any other assets. These protect you on a more legal level but are still incredibly important. In addition, you can also trust that you will have a brand design that works correctly for your brand and how you plan to use your logo and brand design. An example of this is a one-color logo, you should always have a one-color black and white version of your logo for things like shirts or printing.

  • Longevity: Another important aspect of your brand design is longevity, making sure to set your brand up for long-term success rather than just short-term success. One example of this would be to make sure your logo and branding is not heavily centered around a certain trend or style as this might become less popular or out of date meaning you might need to re-brand sooner.

What does this mean for your brand?

Now, what does this mean exactly and how is this relevant to you? In this case, knowledge is definitely power – having a better understanding of how important certain aspects of a brand design can be. It allows you to think more critically about your brand design. This also hopefully (if I’ve done my job correctly) will give you a better idea of why going the professional route for your brand design is so important and can help you in a multitude of different ways and save on headaches in the future.

Interested in your own brand design, brand deck, or maybe you’re in need of an updated branding style guide? Reach out, We would love to help!


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