How Does Media Relations Fit Into Reputation Management?

by | Nov, 2021

Authored by Amanda Goodman

Frank Sinatra once said: ‘Flying high in April, shot down in May.’ I always think of that line in his song when things are going really well. Because when you own or run a business or brand, it’s normal to anticipate some tough times. So, keeping that in mind, how does media relations fit into reputation management?

And if you find yourself in the midst of a PR crisis know this: there is blood in the water and the media will start circling you like Great White sharks.

Take it from me who spent 20 years in TV journalism, the worst thing you can SAY is “no comment.” And the worst thing you can DO is go in front of the cameras without media training.

Reputation Management and media training must go hand in hand – especially in today’s climate. Journalism has changed dramatically and “reporters” now feel like they have a free pass to insert their opinions. But with news station call letters behind their name, their opinion of you could carry some weight.

You need to know the questions before you walk in the door so you’re prepared for any spin they’re going to put on you.

And you need to know the game from someone who dominated it.

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