Biggest Mistakes in Reputation Management

by | Sep, 2021

Authored by Amanda Goodman

Whether it’s in our personal or professional lives, we’ve all been there at some point: We are the subject of conversation.

If things are going well for us, the green-eyes monsters seem to come for us. And they do that by making us look less appealing to others. They try to “control our narrative.”

We also talked about this topic on the Raisin’ Brand podcast. Listen wherever you consume podcasts!

Now real talk? Sometimes what they’re saying about us is true. Maybe we messed up. But pump the brakes on that initial reaction to defend yourself with lies and half-truths. That’s the biggest mistake in reputation management.

It’s no lie that people gravitate towards gossip…But they crave authenticity and realness even more.

Whether it’s your brand, business, or anything in between, own your truth…live in it. The more you let people into the good, bad and ugly…the more you’ll be trusted.

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