Top 3 COVID-19 Era Marketing Campaigns

by | May, 2020

We’ve all seen a million COVID related marketing campaigns, some good, some not so much. From what I’ve noticed, the best and most well-received marketing campaigns are ones that show people that your brand actually cares. This may seem obvious, but it really shows when a campaign is coming from their heart, and not their bank account.

1. Sysco: Adversity

We don’t want to hear how much your brand is “here for them.” We want to know what companies are actually doing to help those affected. This advertisement is showing us that Sysco is a company who isn’t just talk. They are actually taking steps to help out during the pandemic.

Another thing I appreciated about Sysco’s campaign is the strong tone of voice they used. There have been far more campaigns using a sensitive and loving tone. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the tone of confidence really sets them apart and gives the viewers something to feel good about.

(Bonus points for not saying the new cliche “unprecedented times.” We’ve heard too much of that…)

2. Uber: Thank You For Not Riding 

Uber’s Thank You For Not Riding campaign captured all of the joyous and the melancholic feelings that we are all experiencing due to the changes in everyday life caused by COVID-19. This ad is truly relatable due to the fact that every person on this planet can relate to at least one of the touching clips in this video.

Something I found really interesting is that I had no idea who’s ad this was until the very end. And I actually really enjoyed that fact. It was very genuine especially from the standpoint that they are thanking their customers for not using their services. Uber is a company that has to have taken a huge hit from this pandemic but despite this fact, they still created one of my favorite COVID-19 marketing campaigns.

A notable fact about this campaign is that Uber is providing free transportation and meals to healthcare workers, supporting local restaurants, and shipping and transporting critical goods in the US with Uber Freight. Learn more about the services they are currently providing at

3. Budweiser: One Team

This Budweiser campaign was very on-brand for them. It really touched on the sadness we may be feeling due to the lack of sports this year, but twisted it in a heartfelt and meaningful way. The idea that this is so far beyond sports is very important to be touching on right now. The frontline workers take precedence right now, and this ad is really driving that point home.

This campaign is also showing that they are providing tangible help to the frontline workers instead of just thanking them. Budweiser has committed to shifting their sports investments into helping the frontline heroes which really shows us where their priorities lie.

Honorable Mention


On a lighter note, this Canadian AXE campaign brings attention to the necessary precautions of the pandemic while still having a comedic tone. Their satirical product, AXEoff, is a human repellent that works in the exact opposite manner as their usual body sprays. Instead of drawing the ladies in, this product assists with social distancing by making you smell repulsive.

I enjoyed this video because it is so unlike the others that it’s refreshing. I think we are all getting sick of the somber ads we keep getting served over and over again and we are ready for a laugh. Which is exactly what AXE is bringing to the table with this Canadian AXEoff campaign.

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