The Thankful Pixel- I’m Thankful For The Good and Bad in Life

by | Nov, 2019

I’m always thankful for the experiences life has given me. Whether it’s good or bad I know everything happens for a reason. Though it may sound odd, I might be more thankful for the bad experiences. While I enjoy the good experiences and they make me feel better about myself, the bad ones are where I feel like I can grow. A bad experience is like life critiquing your work. It usually makes you feel unsure of yourself and you kind of wish you never did it. Ultimately these are the experiences I look back on and think about most. Sure they might be negative at first, but positives tend to come out of them. They allow growth and give you the knowledge to know how to live a better life. The good experiences to me are there to reward you for the sacrifices you had to make or for correcting a mistake. These experiences work together and I’ve found that acknowledging these things can help build a better life. 

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