Introducing a 60 year old business

It’s one thing to introduce a new company to a community, it’s another to take a company that has been around for a long time and re-introduce them. That is exactly what we are doing for CFCCU.

As a credit union that serves a huge range of demographics, the particular challenge of messaging is always tricky. With CFCCU, we had the additional challenge that, with CF meaning CEDAR FALLS Community Credit Union, people believed they needed to be a resident of Cedar Falls to open an account.

Tackling the Challenge

The latter challenge had two options: Rename or work with what we have. With everything that goes into renaming a business, especially one that has been around for 60 years, that wasn’t really an option. It was decided. We would shift every piece of branded content to represent them as CFCCU.

We took to designing new signage for their branches, updating all of their social media, and began creating consistent branded content to distribute across all of their channels in order to reinforce that same message.