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A Year In Review

2023 Year in Review

Another transformative year unfolds as we celebrate Pixel Labs’ remarkable journey through 2023, marking our 10th anniversary with a decade of innovation, growth, and community impact. From revitalizing partnerships to bidding fond farewells and welcoming fresh faces, our team learned to embrace change with open arms. As we reflect on the past, we’re grateful for every member of our team, each memory made and every opportunity seized. Here’s to another year of inspiration, creativity, and endless possibilities.

2022 was an ambitious year for us in many ways. We got settled into a new location and built an in-house studio space from the ground up. We captured countless interviews, videos, and portraits in the studio. We volunteered. We brought in not one… not two… but THREE new interns for the summer. We launched an online community centered around our podcast Raisin’ Brand. We traveled pretty regularly (even internationally), and as is typical with each year we made countless new memories, reconnected with friends, and gathered new ones along the way. It was another fruitful year, in so many ways, and we hope you enjoy the memories we shared from it.

Once a year our team takes a little bit of time (ok, a lot a bit of time) to put together a recap of all the moments that made up that year. This year was a big year for our team, too big to fit into a four-minute recap, so we did it a little differently.

Grab a coffee on your next break at work and take a look at what we have been up to. Let us know in the comments about one of your biggest changes from 2021.

The 2020 Pixel Labs Zeitgeist: An all-encompassing first-hand look at what went down in 2020. Spoiler Alert: it was a lot. The highs, and lows, are all on display here, as well as some of our favorite moments, greatest accomplishments, and triumphs throughout this past year. We think we can all agree that, in the least, this year has been quite the challenge for just about all of us. We won’t sugarcoat things. But through that all, ultimately, we persisted. We tried to make the most out of the past year, and we think we did just that. So we hope you take a moment to reflect upon your own journey through 2020 as we reflect on ours, and as always, we appreciate your support and attention.

These Zeitgeist videos are such a great way to summarize the highs and lows, the do’s and don’ts, and the overall takeaways from each and every moment in a year. They’re a great insight into our lives, almost time capsules, and our 2019 Zeitgeist is no different. It’s yet another fun look back at all the travels and journey’s we went on, new creations, the friends we made, and what we were like as individuals and as a team. We hope you enjoy this slice of life from the 2019 season of Pixel Labs.

Demo Reels are great and all, but this year we decided to do things differently. Inspired by the amazing Google Zeitgeist series, we decided to take a look into our year as a whole by sharing all the memories, new faces, goodbyes, and great content we were able to produce. So how are we going into 2019? Doing the same old same old? Nah. We’ve got plans.

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