Cedar Falls Community Credit Union

Project Overview:

It was 2017 when we started working with CFCCU. Their branding was inconsistent at best when you looked at their website, social media and the print materials that were being distributed throughout the Cedar Valley. We set out to revamp their entire brand and image, bringing it up to date with consistency and frequency.

This task required a brand new website, revamped social media, interior signage for their lobbies and a voice that said “We’re here for you”. Our goal was to create this voice through image and content both in the real world as well as online. So we set out to accomplish this through a long term plan of content marketing and campaigns which would direct people to their fresh new site.


The Challenge

Create voice and brand that would resonate with its members.

Anyone who makes money likely uses some sort of financial institution. With hundreds of options, it can be a noisy space to get noticed as a smaller, local institution like CFCCU. We needed to find a way to make sure the voice we created didn’t sound like anyone else in the area and stood out in the field of options the community had. One of the biggest challenges we had was that CFCCU had been around for decades, but yet not too many people beyond their members knew they existed. No matter where you keep your money, you surely know of a bunch of other places you could be using. Why wasn’t CFCCU in that list? What could we do to get them there?

The Process

Define the CFCCU identity.

It’s really hard to build a brand around an identity that is fragmented and broken. We needed to define the brand before any real work could be done. This would all start with a refresh of their logo and an emphasis on the acronym rather than the full name.

Support organic efforts with paid ads.

CFCCU has a full range of services to offer its members, but sometimes the members forget about that. We needed to put some money behind the content to get in front of the proper audiences.

Build a social media audience.

At the time of starting work on the CFCCU brand, they only had around 9% of their members actually following them on social media. We began work on reaching out to those members and asking them to follow along on social to stay up to date with announcements and updates at CFCCU.


The Pixel team has been great to work with. Sam helps keep me organized and is always on top of making sure we are posting relevant material on our social media pages. The design team has done a fantastic job with our print and digital material. The team does a great job working within my project timelines and has always been able to produce material on short notice when asked.

Courtney Chesmore – CFCCU
The Solution

Create a consistent message across all platforms which enables the CFCCU team to educate and entertain its members and audience. This would be done by creating a voice for the credit union on Facebook where its members could engage with the content we would produce. Additionally, we new they to reach new members, we would need to support our efforts with paid advertising on social media.

Refresh the brand and keep it consistent throughout all of the different mediums.

Run social media ads in which people would respond positively, both in the form of entertainment & information.

Educate the Cedar Valley about the services CFCCU has to offer and how they can take advantage of them.

Build brand awareness through content marketing designed around information and support for its members and the rest of the community.

Demonstrate the role in which the CFCCU team plays in the Cedar Valley community.

The Results

Through consistent content marketing, brand awareness campaigns and communicating with its members the way they expect, we have been able to increase their audience on Facebook, improve affinity throughout the Cedar Valley and keep a low cost on traffic to their website from Facebook ads.


audience increase on Facebook

most mentioned financial institution out of 57 in the Cedar Valley

CPC on all Facebook ads

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