Expand your education and gain real world experience through the Pixel Labs Internship

What is the Pixel Labs Internship?

Pixel Labs interns have the opportunity to team up and work on real-world projects with real-world impact.

The team will consist of a marketing intern, graphic design intern, and video production intern working together to strategize, plan content, and analyze the results of their work.

Join a team of talented creatives and develop your skills as a young professional!

What’s it like to work at Pixel Labs?

Dive headfirst into a culture of passion and creativity that foster both personal and professional growth.

So, who are we looking for?

If you produce video, design graphics, or love marketing, there is an internship role for you.

Graphic Design

The graphic design intern will make content beautiful and easy to consume, drawing attention to the message you are sharing, and representing brands with personality and professionalism!


The marketing intern is the strategy and communications expert, evaluating the best places to position content and helping identify opportunities for the team!

Video Production

The video production intern will bring the content to life, using video and visuals to tell stories and engage audiences on different mediums and platforms!

Sound like you might be a fit?

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