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Building a brand is more than a logo.

Your logo is not your brand. Sure, it’s a start. But where do you want your audience to connect beyond a graphic?

That’s where Pixel Labs steps in. We help develop your brand through video production as insightful as it is engaging.

Who is Pixel Labs?

We’re small – but that’s what makes us mighty. Helmed by a core team of storytellers and video wizards, we collaborate with clients across the country to create content strategy that makes campaigns not just speak, but roar. We then capture visuals using the tech-nerdiest gear we can get our hands on (hint: it’s a lot).

Our clients play as much a part of the process as the specialty boutiques and industry pros who join each project. From concepting to final reveal, we work alongside our clients to bring their goals to life. Got a change of vision? We’ll pivot right there with you without the messy red tape of a larger agency.


Conceptualization, Copywriting, Storyboarding, Location Scouting, Casting, Production Coordination


4K Camera Package, Aerial Camera, 3-Axis Gimbal, Sound Engineer w/Full Kit, Relationships with: Studios, Equipment Rental Houses, Professional Gaffers.

Post Production

Editing, Color Grading, Color Correction, Graphics Design, Sound Design, Foley/SFX, Music Composition, Voiceover, Animation & Motion GFX.

Recent Work

Our Clients