The Art of Education University

Project Overview:

When the Art of Education University reached out to us in 2014, they were looking for a partner that could help them create high quality teaching content for their online platform they were building. At the time, it was a series of online courses for art teachers to get additional training from. Over the years, it has grown from a husband and wife duo to over 60 team members across the country.

The Pixel Labs responsibilities in this partnership were to capture and produce the courses called Pro Packs for their platform in a way that was consistent and of high quality. Admittedly, the first ones were rough, and each shoot always has its challenges, but the agile nature of our team and the production skills we have developed have allowed us to adapt to the rapid growth of their team and continue to  create the content they need for their customers.

This didn’t end once shooting was completed though. Throughout the years, we have developed a post production process specifically designed for their workflow, complete with a shared network of data stored on a NAS (Network Attached Storage) system which can currently hold up to 48TB of data. This customized workflow had allowed us to create over 300 Pro Packs.

Beyond the Pro Packs, the Pixel labs team has also helped create content for their curriculum classes as well as marketing content. 

The Challenge

Create high quality online training material for art teachers across the country

While this sounds like a straight forward challenge, the variables that each shoot has are endless. Our team needs to be prepared for just about any scenerio no matter how much planning has gone into it. On top of that, we needed to be mobile, after all, we wouldn’t be shooting from just one location. Their instructors are all over the country. We would be flying from state to state with most of the gear we use. We needed to streamline our rig and process in order for us to be as efficient as we can. So we did.

The Process

Iterations and agility were key.

Our first shoot with AOEU was really just a trial of sorts. It worked, but really it was about learning how not to do things. We quickly adapted to the expectations from the AOEU team and began the process of developing the custom designed team.

Communication and project management.

When working on projects as large as we do for AOEU and as often as we are working for them, we needed a solid communication process, so, we were integrated into their teams communication and project management systems as if we were part of their team.

Portability was a requirement.

We started off working with the AOEU team in Omaha, just a short 4 hour drive for us. But over the years, we have expanded to working across the country for them. Traveling the teachers we needed to capture from California to New Jersey and a couple handful of states in between. This required us to revamp our gear organization so we could hop on a plane and not need to worry about leaving anything behind because it couldn’t make the trip.


Pixel Labs puts a polished spin on everything they do. They make us look good and elevate our brand. Quality video production and branding with small town values and big city polish is hard to find! Can't recommend them enough.

Jessica Balsley • The Art of Education University

The Solution

Being agile to the needs of the client allowed us to create a partnership where we were able to create content for the Art of Education University’s clients and teacher across the world.

Just start with something and learn from there. It is how we figured out what worked and didn’t work.

Listen to the client and learn what needs to be done to make their business successful.

Create systems for processes that we didn’t have in place yet in order to create the best partnership.

Travel the country to capture the content they need, no matter where that might be. 

Develop a post production workflow that supports increasing amounts of data and turnaround times for the fastest growing online university the art teaching world has ever seen.

The Results

Through communication and collaboration, the Pixel Labs team has created a massive library of content that art teachers around the country are continuously learning from every day.

Pro Packs Completed

Terabytes of Data Stored

States Traveled

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