Fusion DPA

Project Overview:

Working with Fusion started long before we did any work on marketing and branding for them. Before taking on this project we had spent a few years producing the video for their spring performance each year. It wasn’t until we had an impromptu conversation with Afton about how the studio was doing that we knew there may be a bigger space that we could help Fusion out in.

The very next year, we began looking at new branding, a slight rename and how we could begin generating a high level of content for their studio. The goal with all of this work was to make their social and public image match the talents and skill levels they had within the walls of the studio.


The Challenge

Fusion was the elite dance studio in the Cedar Valley, but people didn’t know that.

We had to start from scratch and develop a plan that would be a content focused approach to their marketing efforts. While Fusion was lacking content, they did not lack talent and skill within their studio. We would set out to put that on display, front and center on social media.

The Process

Discover the content that works best.

Not every time will the same type of content work for the next client. Thats why we go through the discovery and testing process. We need to learn which kind of content the client’s audience engages with most. Through testing, we discovered that entertaining and motivational content tended to be the most popular and most engaged with content.

Put some marketing dollars behind their events in order to bring more awareness to them.

Posting regular content alone was not going to achieve the business goals that Afton was looking for. After all, that content is likely to only reach 2-3% of their actual audience, and even less of the people who are unaware of them. We were going to need to lean on some advertising dollars to reach new people who might be looking for a studio that would challenge their child.

Develop a new identity.

Fusion’s old branding was too complex, disconnected and inconsistent. Before we could do anything, we needed to pull that all together with a new icon and logo that would represent the fluidity of dance and the bold personalities that would take the stage.


“Our studio has seen steady growth year after year…”

Afton Morgan – Fusion Dance & Performing Arts

The Solution

We had to build a brand, create content and develop a message that would represent the passion that encompassed the Fusion manifesto. To do this, we would start with content, creating pieces of media that really dug in to what it meant to be part of the #FusionFam.

Video Production was key to the development of the brand that would later become Fusion DPA.

Graphic Design would be required to fill their feeds as often as we were hoping to, and not some templated content, but custom made content that match the Fusion brand through and through.

We Ran Social Media Ads in order to bring awareness to the families and kids who did not already follow Fusion on their social media channels. 

We Innovated Content when everyone else was shutting down. During the 2019 pandemic, we developed and launched an online course platform in just 2 short weeks for their dancers to continue practicing while the entire country was shut down.

We are Always Collaborating because when you have someone as creative as Afton, you would be foolish to not take her up on some of her ideas.

The Results

Through consistent branding and regular content with a little bit of paid advertising, we have been able to help Fusion grow year after year since beginning work with them.


Increase in students in just the first year


Audience Increase in just 2 years of content


Lifetime CTR on all social media advertising

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