Family & Childrens’ Council of Black Hawk County

Project Overview:

Non-profits have always had a close spot in our hearts. When Amanda Goodman asked our team to partner with her and the Family & Children’s Council of Black Hawk County, we were so excited to be part of an effort and great cause. It gave us the opportunity to create a message that would resonate throughout the community and bring awareness to a situation many ignore.

The Challenge

Get people to pay attention to subjects that are not easy to talk about.

It was our job to take the content Amanda needed to share and develop a compelling way to display that message. How do we do this in the most effective way? How can we get people to stop and pay attention?

It comes down to creating an image the feels a bit different. One that shows the sense of emptiness that the people we are talking about in the video feel every day. It was time to get to the drawing board and figure out the best way to do this.

The Process

Capture the message in a meaningful way.

This sort of message can’t be delivered in just any way. It requires you to find the right balance between energy, empathy and anger to get people to pay attention.

Add in extra context.

With something like this, it is easy to stick to the talking head format and call it good, but we didn’t believe that was enough. We headed out to the playgrounds around the area to capture footage that would represent the message being told, then layered that into the video to give the message another layer of depth and meaning.

Get social with the content.

Once everything was produced, it was time to get social with it. We needed to get as many eyes on it as we could in order to make a difference. With Amanda’s network, and the response that the community had towards the video, it was shared over 140 times and had thousands of views on YouTube. This sort of engagement was exactly what we were looking for.


Pixel Labs' vision for our video to discuss the seriousness of child abuse in our community was exactly what we needed. It's a difficult conversation to have, but because of the video, our community realized it's time to start talking about keeping our children safe. Not only will we work with Pixel Labs again, they're the only team we will work with.

Amanda Goodman – Family & Children’s Council of Black Hawk County

The Solution

In the end, our goal was to complete a video that would captivate viewers and inspire them to take action in order to make a difference. Through creative storytelling and an incredible delivery of the message, we were able to do just that. 

Collaboration with the client was key in developing the overall message for the spot. 

Quick turnaround we needed in order to keep the content timely to current situations.

Generated engagement through social media in order to rais awareness of the issue at hand.

We took creative liberties in the post production process to create a look that we felt would accomplish the goals best. The client was in love with the direction.

The Results

Through thoughtful messaging and ceative storytelling, we were able to generate the level of engagement we were looking for. It’s one thing to put out a funny video and have it seen by thousands, it’s another to put out one which is addressing a deeper topic and get people to respond.

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