Building on Reputation

The Pixel Labs team started working with Oakridge in 2016 creating highlight videos from their community events that they host throughout the year.

This relationship continued to grow and we began working with them on strategy and brand content. The goal was to continue growing their already established brand through targeted content that potential homebuyers could connect with, but building on the reputation they held in the community already would be no small task.


The Plan

We needed to develop content that would not only show the community just who the Oakridge team was but inform them of what it is like to buy or sell a home. We also wanted to create a message that ensured the community understood that Oakridge Realtors was a local, community-focused agency that understood the difference between buying a house and buying a home.

The Sounds of Home

To accomplish the goals of the Oakridge message, we went beyond the culture videos and created a 2 part series of videos that focus on what it sounds like to own a home. We took this approach because we wanted to focus on not just the visual sensories of the human, but the audio sensories as well. Engaging the audience this way would result in a deeper connection to the videos.