How it Started

Our team has been working with Fusion since 2012. Yep, that’s right. Since before we existed. When we were just a video production company, we worked with Fusion to capture and create videos for their yearly shows. 

As our relationship grew, so did Fusion’s needs for a stronger brand and marketing strategy. In December of 2017, we began working on a complete rebrand and content strategy to show the Cedar Valley what their studio was all about.

The First step

Our first task once we began working with Fusion was to create a piece that demonstrated the passion and dedication that the Fusion students had to not only their craft, but the studio in which they learned. The goal of this piece was to show exactly what it is like to be part of the #FusionFam

What is a video without Brand?

It isn’t enough to just create a video. Launching the first video and hoping for the best would result in dismal results. We needed a brand. We started off with dozens of logo options, but ultimately landed on a simple icon that could be used in virtually any medium. As an added touch, our designers modified the font to match the soft edges of the icon. The end result: The beginning of a brand that represented the fluid grace of dance that could transcend with the growth of the studio. 

We needed a home

Throughout the rebrand of Fusion, they were also working on a brand new studio location. With that, it was important for us to give them a new online home for their studio to match. We took their old site and streamlined the information they needed for their dance families while developing an informative space for inquiring talent. The end result: a digital space that compliments the studio the students now call home.

Bringing it all together

After spending countless hours developing the brand, creating content and building a digital home, it was important for us to have a method of distribution that would invoke engagement and interest in Fusion and position them as the elite studio in the Cedar Valley. Between Senior Spotlights, Teacher spotlights, Event recaps and consistent engagement, the presence of Fusion is more evident than ever before.

Coming soon

Joywheel Cycling came to us with a challenge. They needed a video created that would build hype around their new cycling studio. Now, that wasn’t the challenge. The challenge was that the studio was a few months from being completed.

We took to the drawing board, developed a concept and found a space to execute a project that would resemble the focused environment that the studio would soon provide.

The open House

Joywheel Cycling opened up with a huge turnout. Their classes are packed and everyone loves the new cycling experience that they have brought to the community. 

Our next piece we created for them was an event recap from their open house 

Est. 2015

The Pixel Labs team has been working with The Art of Education since almost their beginning. Our team has had the privilege of watching them not only grow but go through an accreditation process to become The Art of Education University.

The bulk of the work we do for the AOEU team consists of creating every piece of content for their curriculum and subscription services. The multi camera shoots and unique challenges to creating video courses has been an ever evolving process. One where we learn something new on ever shoot, which is a lot. We travel almost monthly across the country capturing content for their website, giving us an opportunity to refine the process each and ever time.

Beyond the Education

Beyond the course and subscription content that we shoot, we create content for their biannual digital conference, Art Ed Now, and create culture pieces that serve as recruitment content for new presenters and team members.

Introducing a 60 year old business

It’s one thing to introduce a new company to a community, it’s another to take a company that has been around for a long time and re-introduce them. That is exactly what we are doing for CFCCU.

As a credit union that serves a huge range of demographics, the particular challenge of messaging is always tricky. With CFCCU, we had the additional challenge that, with CF meaning CEDAR FALLS Community Credit Union, people believed they needed to be a resident of Cedar Falls to open an account.

Tackling the Challenge

The latter challenge had two options: Rename or work with what we have. With everything that goes into renaming a business, especially one that has been around for 60 years, that wasn’t really an option. It was decided. We would shift every piece of branded content to represent them as CFCCU.

We took to designing new signage for their branches, updating all of their social media, and began creating consistent branded content to distribute across all of their channels in order to reinforce that same message.

Building on Reputation

The Pixel Labs team started working with Oakridge in 2016 creating highlight videos from their community events that they host throughout the year.

This relationship continued to grow and we began working with them on strategy and brand content. The goal was to continue growing their already established brand through targeted content that potential homebuyers could connect with, but building on the reputation they held in the community already would be no small task.


The Plan

We needed to develop content that would not only show the community just who the Oakridge team was but inform them of what it is like to buy or sell a home. We also wanted to create a message that ensured the community understood that Oakridge Realtors was a local, community-focused agency that understood the difference between buying a house and buying a home.

The sounds of home

To accomplish the goals of the Oakridge message, we went beyond the culture videos and created a 2 part series of videos that focus on what it sounds like to own a home. We took this approach because we wanted to focus on not just the visual sensories of the human, but the audio sensories as well. Engaging the audience this way would result in a deeper connection to the videos.