Are you producing a podcast?

Are you producing a podcast?

It’s redundant at this point to say that podcasts are the new big trending piece of content that you can create. Podcasts have been gaining relevance and popularity for the past 5 to 6 years, and I’m sure at this point just about everyone has listened to one in some capacity. Of course, listening is just one aspect of podcasting but have you ever considered creating one? Now is literally the best time to start one if you’re interested, and even more so if you own a small business or brand. 

“They offer one remarkable aspect that few mediums of content can really offer”

When it comes to content marketing for brands in the modern age, the first thought is to typically gravitate towards video and social media platforms. A large portion of the population is becoming more and more attracted to visual content, so it completely makes sense. As stated though, podcasts are HUGE right now, and arguably could overtake video someday. They offer one remarkable aspect that few mediums of content can really offer. Freedom.

Without the visual element attached to them, or often having the visual element be an afterthought, this frees listeners up to be able to multitask while listening. Got a 30 minute commute to work in the morning? Put on a podcast. Editing some new photos of your products? Put on a podcast. Cleaning the house? Put on a podcast. You see where I’m going with this, right? Podcasts allow us as consumers to do more, while still getting the same fix of juicy content that we oh-so-crave. This is why as business owners trying to reach these same consumers, we have no excuse to not start our own podcasts! 

“I can take my eyes off the screen, and be productive on my own time”

The ability to reach your audience in a new and exciting way is often enticing enough, but it also removes a lot of the initial barriers that often limit consumers from viewing your content in the first place. It’s much less of a commitment for me to throw on a new podcast that I’m curious about, than it is for me to take the time to watch through a commercial or video. I can take my eyes off the screen, and be productive on my own time while still soaking in whatever the podcaster is feeding my ears. I know this whole attention-span, ease of access aspect is probably sounding very Gen-Z of me, but this is the age we live in. 

“…why not join the ranks?”

In summary, if you want to access an additional portion of your audience, then making yourself available via podcasts is highly invaluable. No matter what your business may be, I truly believe you can find a way to make your podcast into something that your audience will love. Own an ice cream shop? Talk about your flavor of the week, or drone on and on about your favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavors. Own a thrift store? Talk about retro fashion through the years, and review products that you sell. Honestly, the possibilities are pretty endless. At this point there’s probably already a podcast out there for just about anything, so why not join the ranks? All it takes is a phone that can record audio (literally every single smartphone), and somewhere to upload the audio, and BAM. You’re a podcaster. 

If you haven’t already, we’d love if you took a minute to check out our newly rebranded podcast, Raisin’ Brand. We are sitting sown with some amazing peers and professionals to discuss marketing and creativity and how the two can come together to create a brand.

Creating a Memorable Brand

Creating a Memorable Brand

So, you created a brand for your business. That’s awesome! But, you’ve only just scratched the surface of the process to make your brand a memorable one. Here in the Lab, we’ve formulated a list of three things to keep in mind on your mission to create a memorable brand experience for your consumers!

1. Have a Solid Understanding of Your Brand

Create A Vision/Mission Statement

To create a memorable brand experience, you need to know your brand inside out and backward. A way you can start to do this is by constructing a quality vision statement. A vision statement is your long term purpose. Why does your brand exist? What do you want to achieve? This is what you want the big picture of your brand to be. 

A memorable vision leads to a memorable brand. When the right customer comes across your brand statement and resonates with it, they will want to connect with you and become a part of it. 

The next step on the quest of knowing your brand to the core is to follow up on the vision statement with a mission statement. This is your purpose for right now. Who does your brand help? What is your day to day approach? This is what you follow to reach your vision. 

Your mission is more tangible than your vision, so it is really what brings customers in and hopefully encourages them to stay with your business. 

What Are Your Brand Elements?

We always preach on how a brand is more than a logo. However, your logo still matters… and it matters a lot. As well as your logo, choosing the right colors (and keeping them consistent!) is incredibly important. As we covered in our last blog post The Brand is the Heart, “you MUST make sure they are consistent across all platforms with all audiences, otherwise, there will be a brand disconnect with your customers.” And this disconnect is what makes your brand experience not so memorable, or even worse… memorable in a bad way (terrifying, we know). 

Create a Consistent Brand Voice

Just as important as your brand’s look is its voice. Voice is often overlooked when creating a brand, and it could be the difference between making, and breaking a potential customer experience with your brand. Here, you need to stay true to your business. Is your business more formal? Make sure that ALL interactions with your customers (in person, social media, blog posts, etc.) are formal in nature. Is your business super casual? Great! Just do the opposite. 

Presenting a unified front to your consumer is one of the most important things in creating a memorable brand experience, so you better have a firm grasp on what your brand is and what it looks like.

2. Build Quality Connections

Creating Quality Experiences

This might sound redundant, but to create a memorable brand, you need to give everyone who comes into contact with your brand a good experience. In our own experience, we saw a tremendous amount of growth early on because of the positive experiences we gave people. Word of mouth marketing is no joke people! Give everyone a good experience (yes, everyone), and they’ll tell their friends, who will tell theirs, and so on, and so forth. 


Trust is just as important in business (if not more important) as it is with creating personal relationships. Creating an honest and upfront relationship with clients/consumers is so important in creating a system of trust. If there is no trust, who would really want to work with you?

Stay Genuine

This is the most important thing to remember when looking to build these quality connections. Being genuine creates genuine connections, and that’s really all we have to say about that one. 

3. Listen

Listen To Everything

Listening, this sounds like a simple concept, but there are lots of layers to listening. You have to listen to your consumer, your analytics, and quite literally everything else being thrown your way. 

If you are consistently posting content and not asking yourself the questions, what’s getting lots of engagement? What isn’t? Why? Then what are you doing? See what’s doing well, and continue growing and innovating in that area. See what isn’t, and either scrap it or rework it.

Feedback, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

You have to listen to all of the feedback people throw your way, the positive comments… and more importantly, the negative ones. Thanking people for leaving positive comments helps your brand image by showing customers, they are seen and valued. Engaging with the people who engage with you is so important. If someone comments on your post or leaves a review, and you don’t acknowledge it, that person isn’t going to feel seen by your brand. 

And the same thing goes with reaching out to people who gave negative feedback. If you don’t acknowledge them, their negative beliefs about your business are reaffirmed. This results in a memorable brand experience…but not the good kind 🙁 . These people are truly valuable because they will give you insight into what is going wrong within your business and how you can fix and grow from it. 

Just remember, brands that are the most mindful of what they do, say, and where they go from there, are inherently the best to keep following. And therefore, more memorable. 

Go forth and create memorable brands, everyone!

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