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What We Do

(and how we do it)

What We Do


Conceptualization, Copywriting, Location Scouting, Casting, Production Coordination


4K Camera Package, Aerial Camera, 3-Axis Gimbal, Sound Engineer w/Full Kit, Relationships with: Studios, Equipment Rental Houses, Professional Gaffers.

Post Production

Editing, Color Grading, Color Correction, Graphics Design, Sound Design, Foley/SFX, Music Composition, Voiceover, Animation & Motion GFX.


A video is only as good as its idea. In pre-production, we brainstorm with clients and our in-house team to concept work that’s not just pretty, but pretty damn effective. We then lock-in locations, industry pros, and odds-and-ends that help make the magic happen.

Stories Based on Facts

Before the fingers hit the keys, we do our research. Having access to a cutting edge research firm means we have the opportunity to get our paws on some of the most in-depth analytics & data we can before coming up with our concepts. Sometimes, though, it is as simple as doing a quick search on what the industry standards look like, then pushing those standards a touch further.

Network of Creative Writers

With a network writers across the country, we have the creative style to match any client in any region. From edgy and funny to straightforward and serious. The tone, the mood, the pace of the video…it all starts right here.


Production transitions concepts from paper to digital. With script in hand and eyes peeled to tap into off-script opportunities, we use our cutting edge 4K workflow, 120fps high speed, Ronin-m and other unique tools and toys to capture every shot.

The Cameras

Using industry leading hardware, our 4K workflow begins with our cameras. Equiped with a Sony A7s Mk II for 4K & High Speed cinematography, a Blackmagic 4K Production camera for crisp interviews and 2 Blackmagic Micro Cinema cameras for hero shots, we have a camera for just about any shot you need.


With the stabilization of our DJI Ronin-M, we get the shot, and it’s buttery smooth. Adding an elegant cinematic feel whether we’re running for an action shot or walking on a tour, this piece of tech lets us expand our imagination when writing out storyboards and shot lists.

From the Sky

With an FAA Certification in our pocket and a cutting edge quadcopter to go along with it, we are able to catch shots from a whole new perspective. With the ability to shoot from anywhere, the sky IS the limit.

Post Production

The third and final step nudges footage from raw content to a well crafted masterpiece. After sifting through shot after shot, we cut, color grade, create motion graphics, and audio engineer to finalize projects worthy of a high-five or two.

A Workflow Built for 4K

Our post production workflow is built for 4K. We leverage the same editing software used in blockbuster hits like Gone Girl, Superman Returns & Deadpool.

Storage With the Security of Redundancy

With nearly 50TB of storage capacity and 5 levels of redundancy, including secure cloud storage of all of our work, our client’s content is safe and sound.

Perfected for Collaboration

Our in-house network has been perfected for passing projects between any of the pixel pushing experts on our team, helping us collaborate efficiently. After each cut is ready for review, the collaboration continues with our clients using intuitive online resources.

Does it sound like we’d work well together?