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Video Spotlight: Skateboarding Time Collapse Video

Video Spotlight: Skateboarding Time Collapse Video
September 22, 2014 Becca Flynn

Skateboarding time collapse video: Video Spotlight allows us to find videos that we think are interesting and that deserve the spotlight.  Our goal is to dig just a little deeper into the making of these videos in order to analyze, learn, and share these interesting stories with you!

This video spotlight features young skater Cory Juneau of San Diego, CA. The time-collapse video style was built in post-production to create an incredible sequence with more than 60 takes of footage. The video was shot on a mobile phone – Lumia 930 – by filmmaker Cy Kuckenbaker, which its small camera allowed for special angles to get the raw footage that a regular camera couldn’t capture. The video also provides a behind the scenes snip of the directors experience with creating this video.

The magical thing about this type of video, as the director Cy Kuckenbaker mentioned, is the detail that the viewer can find when rewatching this video over and over. The incredible sequence, timing, and footage angles that were put into this video make the details and viewer experience that much more thrilling.. stunning enough, it was filmed on a mobile phone! Oh, and let’s not forget to cheer for 15 year old professional skater Cory Juneau on his journey as a young skater.


A behind-the-scenes look at the process used to create a skateboarding time-collapse video of professional skater Cory Juneau.
Directed by: Cy Kuckenbaker
Written by: Melissa Cabral and Cy Kuckenbaker
Edited by: Dave Gallegos
Producer: Melissa Cabral and Cy Kuckenbaker
Director of Photography: Alex Graham and Cy Kuckenbaker
Sound mix: Preston Swirnoff