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Red Bull built its brand with a video marketing strategy, and you can too

Red Bull built its brand with a video marketing strategy, and you can too
September 16, 2014 Becca Flynn

Video Marketing Strategy

Red Bull built it’s brand reputation through the use of video, and you can too. Red Bull is well known for it’s marketing strategy and is successful in attaching its brand to both high risk adventures and extreme sports, while creating a culture of quirkiness, passion, and freewheeling. Let’s see how a video marketing strategy built a reputation and increased brand awareness for Red Bull:

First, we face the facts. YouTube is right behind Google as the second largest search engine, showing the true importance of video. You can visit the Red Bull You Tube Channel here:  https://www.youtube.com/user/redbull

Red Bull has a strategy focused on content marketing where they create storytelling material that attracts readers and viewers to the brand. When Red Bull tells a valuable story, they get good brand associations and engagements from viewers in return. It has gone so deep in to the new media era that they have Red Bull Media House to enhance the lifestyle brand with the number one energy drink. They PUBLISH as their marketing and advertising strategy.

What are their tactics?

Consistency— Red Bull posts frequently in their multi-channel strategy, with a consistent strong brand image around the world. They do this through communication in extreme sports, car racing, video games, and music.

Relevancy-– It is important to post to your audience, and Red Bull knows who their audience is. Red Bull seeks to follow and feed the aspirations of it’s adrenaline junky audience.

Web Video—  Red Bull uses Epic Content Marketing.  Let’s note the leadership Red Bull creates in their Stratosphere jump from space. They know their audience well and look to create such thrilling content that the world stops to think and watch. This video marketing strategy to advertise, in their case, is brilliancy, creating brand awareness and social shares extending past their comfort zone. You can find your own brand’s way of extending past your comfort zone to  reach your audience and create brilliance.

Different, Bigger, Better— As noted in the last point, epic content helps you stand out from the rest.

Storytelling –Red Bull really connects with their audience, especially through the stories of their athletes. Have you ever noticed that Red Bull doesn’t mention the actual drink when sharing a story, yet they associate the brand with what the athletes are doing (epic stunts) with the use of the Red Bull logo. For an example of brand association, you can see the logos on the skate ramps and the wing suits on the athletes, as well as their helmets. Red Bulls strategy through story telling is “customer-centric”.


Buildng loyalty— Red Bull creates a brand experience in their online marketing, bringing their audience back for more.

Brand awareness: video should entertain, engage, include brand/message (at least one of these goals) — Which Red Bull clearly does. Also, with video you  can use eye tracking technology (predictive analytics) to measure whether your video is creating brand awareness by looking at viewers emotions and eye activities when watching the video.

In the sum of all this, it is very important to have a video that portrays all you have to offer and you must avoid poorly produced videos to avoid negative branding. In this case: develop a level of professionalism.

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Check out the source for much of this amazing content we were able to share: http://www.mywebpresenters.com/articles/2013/03/how-red-bull-built-its-reputation-as-an-adventure-brand-using-video/