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Three Marketing Predictions: Make Your Next Project The Ying To Your Yang

Three Marketing Predictions: Make Your Next Project The Ying To Your Yang
July 30, 2015 Becca Flynn
three future marketing predictions. Make your next project the ying to your yang

Make your next marketing project the Ying to your Yang with these marketing predictions. What are the key ingredients for brands in order to influence consumers?

We recently stumbled across this Co. Create blog where elite members of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies gave us predictions on the future of marketing for brands in the next 5 years. If you want to connect to your customers and make your brand the Ying to their Yang, the Ben to their Jerry, or the Mac to their Cheese, then listen up.

Be Attention Worthy: tell stories to the right audience

Spencer Baim, chief strategic officer at Vice Media: an edgy and youth oriented media company tries to convince brands to cut through the noise around young demos by targeting, and sponsoring, projects that are especially attention-worthy (adweek).

“Many of today’s brands will become irrelevant after failing to recognize that the millennial consumer is a generation of people, not just a niche “youth” market. Millennials will not turn into generation X when they turn 35, but will take with them all the brand preferences and media habits they have today.”

It is important for brands to evolve their stories, and there is a need for brands to work on a timeline that matches culture.

“The central issue for a marketer will be winning a battle for cultural relevance. The winners will make marketing as valuable as the product or service he or she is selling.”

Baim also forecasted that banner advertising will make a comeback for videos, rather than disrupting user experience, like many do today. This will provide added value to a website while giving the consumer what they want, creating real results.

Have A Social Purpose: doing good will be good for business

Matt Jarvis, Chief Strategy Officer, 72andSunny:  72andSunny is all about the cultural impact and reflects our modern culture back at us in their work. 72andSunny is responsible for the Carl’s Jr/Hardee’s commercials featuring spicy new thickburgers and attractive females. In addition, some of their work has a social purpose: they worked on campaigns that turned the struggling unemployed into aspiring entrepreneurs and spread unhate tolerance towards cultural conversations. They also claim campaigns with, Google, Call of Duty, ESPN, and adidas.

“People will reward brands who do good, and punish the ones who don’t. Brand citizenship will move from a defensive, corporate affairs function to a marketing function that drives transactions at scale and creates advantages for companies in the talent wars.” 

A strong social purpose can even give you a competitive advantage. Tell the story of your social mission and attract those who want to contribute to a greater purpose, whether that be talent, employees, or customers. Making a difference also allows for outrageous amounts of fun when creating and sharing a social project. You will have more of your customers attention and bring them in through storytelling, advocacy, and contribution. CEO of 72andSunny John Boiler says, “It starts with a cultural truth”, about some of their best consumable and shareable content that is “about behavior, not messaging”. (Fast Company)

As Matt Jarvis also pointed out,

“Culture will still be king. People will continue to care more about culture than products, so brands that operate on a cultural level will be the winners of the future as they are of the present.”

Brands Are No Longer in Control: create, co-create, and curate

Chris Brandt, chief marketing officer, Taco Bell Corp. Have you ever paid much attention to the Taco Bell commercials? How is Taco Bell so successful in social media? At Taco Bell, they try to be authentic and create conversations so that branded content comes from consumers.

“….a shift from talking to the world to making the world talk. People don’t necessarily want to be marketed to, so brands should look to create engagement and conversations at every consumer touch point”

As a lifestyle brand, Taco Bell started putting their marketing efforts in the eyes of the consumer. This included taking pictures of food as if consumers were taking the photos themselves, that meant taking pictures of real food that wasn’t professionally arranged. Being genuine on social media instead of creating a social persona helped create self-discovery for the brand.

Take it from the horses mouth and read more about Taco Bell’s Guide to Social Media Strategy

“it’s imperative that brands create a strong identity in the minds and hearts of consumers. At Taco Bell, we look at three approaches to content: Create, Co-Create, and Curate. Create is our own content, co-create is content created in partnership with consumers, and curate is taking the user generated content we like and showing it to more people. The most important ingredient in all of this is authenticity.”

Thanks for reading! Keep these three points of expertise in mind and you will have your customers singing shoobop sha wadda wadda, as the famous Grease lyrics go,  “We go together, Like rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong”.