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Meet the Team: Becca Flynn

Meet the Team: Becca Flynn
June 9, 2014 Becca Flynn

FlynKendrickTake a few minutes and meet the newest member of the Pixel Labs team, Becca Flynn. Becca is the Account Manager for Pixel Labs and we asked her a few questions to get to know her a little better.

1. Do you consider yourself a team player? Yes, I am very much a team player. I enjoy working in teams because it helps me be more creative and allows others reassure my ideas and work. I also enjoy being able to help others so it can be a win- win situation. Working on teams with the right people in the right place creates synergy, and I truly believe that.

2. Where do you look for inspiration in your professional career? I look towards people that innovate because “why not?” I also like to look towards the differences that others can make in peoples lives as well as success from average people who worked hard to achieve their dreams, and its quite inspiring! Being a young adult, I still feel like I have a lot to look forward to and it’s inspiring just to know all the opportunities that are out there. Having a passion is a big part of being happy and successful!

3. How do you like to spend your leisure time? I day dream… a lot. I would like to say I work out more than I do, but I do enjoy living an active lifestyle. Ummm…. I am known to pick up random hobbies such as art, the guitar (I only know like 4 chords) , random reading spurts, Netflix obsessions, and I also love soccer and drinking iced coffee…. but even though I love routine, sometimes every day is different.

4. Random facts about you? If it’s not athletic clothes, it’s impossible for me to put an outfit together. I love the beach, having drinks (especially seasonal Summer beers) and I love adrenaline rushes (I’ve gone skydiving once so far). It’s fun to live on the danger side sometimes. My music preferences are  Country,Reggae, Indie Rock, and Alternative Rock.  Also, I am finally teaching myself about the NFL and football basics so I can feel included in all the fun shenanigans in the Fall season… oh, and apparently I look like the actress Anna Kendrick.


Did we fool ya?

5. What do you love about Pixel Labs? I love Pixel Labs because it is built on a foundation of passion, creativity, fun, and excellence. I also love that everyday can be different in the office, and being around video production is a fun gig. I get to wear a few different hats at Pixel Labs and help establish client relationships as well as manage our social media accounts. At Pixel Labs we foster creativity and are able to think out of the box with our relaxed business culture, while still getting the important things done. I get to see some great, fun, and hardworking people every day!