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Make Your Brand A Video Advertising Champion For 2015

Make Your Brand A Video Advertising Champion For 2015
April 29, 2015 Becca Flynn
Make Your Brand A Video Advertising Champion

Make Your Brand A Video Advertising Champion

With every business decision you make, ask how it benefits your customer. To help make your brand a video advertising champion, we compiled some of 2015’s top video trends from trusted sources that can give you ideas to benefit your customer in the most transparent way. Check out the list below.

1. “More focus on target marketing, less focus on mass marketing. Think through the difference between a mass market and a target market strategy. The likelihood of conversion from a mass market in distribution strategy is remote. Brands shift focus to moving shoppers through a purchase journey where they have a closer relationship with the viewer, they’ll realize guiding customers towards a distribution strategy that is more targeted and more personalized will more likely lead to conversions.” For example, look at the new launch by Spotify that uses programmatic, target advertising during the users listening experience. (Forbes.com)

2. “Today, over 20% of video views are happening on mobile devices, and that trend is growing quickly. According to a recent eMarketer study, more than 77% of all tablet users will watch video programming on their devices at least monthly, and that penetration rate will grow to 87% by 2018, totaling 149 million tablet video viewers. To put that into context, more than 70% of all digital video viewers will be watching on a tablet in 2018.” (Forbes.com)

3. “Marketers continue to seek the most effective ways to measure the success of video campaigns, and often track views to measure reach, shares to measure social impact, and clickthroughs to measure viewer actions. However, attention is a vital metric because for an ad to resonate and persuade consumers, it must first earn their attention.  We predict a renewed focus on attention metrics such as dwell time and completes in 2015. Recent research from Harvard Business School’s Thales Teixeira reveals that consumer attention to advertising is dwindling fast, especially for TV advertising, becoming a scarce and valuable resource.” (Forbes.com)

4. “While we probably don’t want to admit it, most people prefer videos over any other form of content. Psychologically speaking, a human voice on the other side of the screen conveys a subtle, yet powerful, method of converting information into content that is engaging. Real body language and movement go a long way in appealing to the emotions of others. Overall, it seems that videos are the best digital platform to tap into the human psychology that directly impact purchase decisions.” (Yashi.com)

5. “While an attractive site is important, the ability to convince visitors that your product is actually useful and valuable is always a challenge. Answering the question of what added value your product brings to their life can easily be portrayed with a video of real people using your product. A few quality videos can highlight the many uses of your product and how users can benefit from it.” (Yashi.com)

6. “Every company has a unique story. That story is the foundation of your company. It describes your mission and vision. A video that explains the story behind the company offers visitors an exclusive angle on the business and can often do a better job selling than any standard product video. Unbounce recently published a study showing that including an explainer video on your landing pages can increase conversion rates between 10 and 20%.” (Yashi.com)

7. “Today, ads need to become more adept at capturing and sustaining users’ attention. Part of this is considering user experience to create the advertisements people want to see. Brands that have thought up novel ways to use online media in their advertising campaigns, like responsive video series or interactive social media campaigns, demonstrate that paying attention to user’s wants and needs is central to creating valuable advertisements…..It’s a waste to create online advertisements that don’t get attention, so save yourself time by only creating advertisements that your viewers want to see. Study what they engage with, for how long, and why, and use this to create targeted ads.” (inc.com)

8. “…Video ads streaming from a mobile device must be quick and seamless so they don’t unnecessarily disturb the user’s browsing experience. People on their phones are often on the go, and sometimes don’t have access to quick and reliable internet. Therefore, it’s important to create video ads that are specifically geared towards mobile users with attention to the length of ads, font and image scale sizes, and when the ads appear and how they stream to the user.” (inc.com)

Listen to the Champions! Take a look at this list of  the top viral video advertising champions ads in 2015! These video’s include #1 Budweiser- Lost Dog, #2 T-Mobile- #KimsDataStash, #3 Bud Light- Super Bowl 2015, and #4 BMW- Newfangled Idea. Find the list at: http://www.visiblemeasures.com/insights/charts/adage/

As you probably recognize these, entertain yourself and check out a few from the list below:



Now go make your brand a video advertising champion. Check back soon to stay up to date with more of the latest video trends. Thanks for reading!