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Always: “Like A Girl”

Always: “Like A Girl”
July 21, 2014 Becca Flynn

Video Spotlights allow us to find videos that we think are interesting and that deserve the spotlight.  Our goal is to dig just a little deeper into the making of these videos in order to analyze, learn, and share these interesting stories with you!


In this video spotlight of the month, Always’  Like A Girl Campaign talks about the negative connotations to the stereotypical phrase “like a girl” and challenges young kids to define what they think it means to be “like a girl”. Needless to say, there is an emotional effect connected to this video that allows for a deeper message to be exposed to its audience.

This video is interesting because of its underlying message and its filming style. The older crowd in the video are the ones that are doing “like a girl” with a negative connotation.  The younger girls that haven’t hit their puberty stage have ” like a girl” mentality that girls are strong and try hard to reach their goals. This video is also interesting because of the way it was filmed. The video shows the cameras, lights, screens and directors behind the scenes of filming the video, giving it a feeling that you are in the studio with them. Its not being so post produced and it feels more raw and “real”.

The Director, Lauren Greenfield, is an award-winning American artist, documentary photographer and filmmaker. Much of her photography and film work has focused on gender and self-esteem crisis and empowerment of girls. “This project is a fantastic and vital opportunity to empower girls (and educate our audience) to always align the expression #LIKEAGIRL with the meaning of strength, confidence and empowerment.” – Lauren Greenfield (www.always.com)

Always is marketing successfully to a target audience in this campaign.

“I don’t know the secret to success. But I do know the secret to failure is trying to please everybody.”

                                                                                      –BILL COSBY

 This quote defines one of the successful ways to market, and that is identifying your target market. Always found their target demogrpahic to be young girls going through puberty and is trying to turn them into champions. This movement is important to young girls who may feel insulted, embarrassed, or weak for being a girl.


Visit more on Twitter at #LikeAGirl or the Website to join the movement at