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Key Video Marketing Takeaways for 2015

Key Video Marketing Takeaways for 2015
April 12, 2015 Becca Flynn
video marketing takeaways

“The Play button is the most compelling call-to-action on the web.” — Vidyard CEO

These words were presented by Vidyard’s CEO, Michael Litt at MME 2015.

Modern Marketing Experience by Oracle (MME), is a marketing conference where experts present you with the strategies and tactics you need to make modern marketing succeed in your organization. Below, we will discuss two key video marketing takeaways from the 2015 conference as discussed by Vidyard, a company measuring video performance.

Customer Engagement.

Amplify and share the successes of your customers. This is a great way to engage and build trust.

Many marketers struggle to get prospects excited about their content as well as self-identifying as a potential customer. Customers look towards video in order to make informed decisions. Create video to engage an audience, but don’t forget to track this engagement with measurable and purposeful metrics. Learn about some ways to measure at Vidyard and make the most of your video. Your business process and technology must keep pace with the expectations of the consumer, so find where your customers are looking and adjust your content to be what they want, where they want.

Storytelling: A Key Listening Tool.

During the creative process, storytelling builds trust. Trust is the foundation of relationships. Build this integrity with engagement and transparency. It is important to create a culture of sharing, so what story can you share?

Vidyard blog on MME 2015 takeaways explains:

“Forrester VP Analyst Laura Ramos advised attendees to use stories to build empathy with prospects, and to introduce problems that customers and prospects care about. Keith Jennings, head of content strategy at Jackson Healthcare echoed this point, saying “Marketing is architecting a story through each touch of a client’s experience.” He told attendees to shift their thinking away from “recipients” and look at prospects as “participants” in your marketing story” (Vidyard).

People are attracted to stories that create emotional connections. We are social beings, so social we will be. This is one way we relate with others. Take a look at a couple recent examples of brands that created value to their customers through storytelling:

Budweiser ‘s Commercial “Friends are Waiting” builds up an emotional storytelling experience to enhance the brand and drinking responsibly. This is a story about how someone is counting on you to be responsible and come home safely after a night of drinking. This is someone who depends on you and who you want to be happy, in this case, it is mans best friend.

Toyota’s “My Bold Dad” Superbowl commercial is based on an emotional connection. The ad shows what it really takes to connect with a child, build trust, and just be a bold dad.


This blog was shortened and modified from Vidyard’s MME 2015 takeways.  Visit http://www.vidyard.com/blog/6-takeaways-oracles-modern-marketing-experience/ for more information.