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How to Create an Effective Video Landing Page

How to Create an Effective Video Landing Page
May 30, 2015 Becca Flynn
effective video landing page

Why should I Care? 

Ecommerce is and has been the new craving among businesses and consumers. Although it is evident that ecommerce is growing both domestically and internationally, it grows at a different pace among industries. Online retail is growing with increasing sales predicted through 2018. For an industry specific example with travel and vacation businesses, “roughly 80% of US travelers book hotels, vacation packages and flights online. But still the travel industry has been slow to adopt some of the best digital marketing practices for ecommerce”, according to Vidcaster.

As businesses reshape themselves to allow online conversions, there are some things they need to pay close attention to, that include: key metrics, website elements, and digital advertising/video strategies. Relating these metrics, elements, and strategies to consumer demand while finding where potential consumers are active is imperative to ecommerce success. Because of ecommerce, digital advertising and online video is on the rise. Many businesses use tools such as personalized product recommendations/advertising that drive consumers to related landing pages in order to grab interest, create conversions, and ultimately close a sale. Having an effective landing page is essential to generate this consumer interest and close a sale. Here we will discuss some key elements and strategies as well as some ways to measure successful landing pages.

The Fab 4

Lets look at the Fab 4 and other essential elements of an effective video landing page after you get a viewer onto your site.

1. Attention getting intro to get and keep attention: What is the benefit? Somehow a visitor has reached your page, maybe they stumbled upon a banner ad or maybe they were targeted through product recommendations, but this doesn’t guarantee a sale. Try crafting a unique value proposition (UVP), a clear and compelling message stating why you are different and worth buying. It is a promise of the value that your product/service will deliver and sets you apart from the competition. You want to solve the problem and be the solution that the visitor came to your site to look for. Provide this solution and make the page about the visitors needs. It is important that the visitor finds some sort of attention grabbing elements within seconds of visiting the page to get the viewer to want to learn more.

2. Simply stated true value: What is the offer?  Make your offer a great deal by throwing in things like “free”, “trials”, “extras”, and “rebates”. Make the offer clear and convincing so the visitor can feel comfortable accepting the offer.

3. Call to action (how to respond): The last thing you want is for a visitor to enter your page and say to themselves, “now what?”. A clear call to action should compel a visitor to perform a specific action, ultimately creating a conversion. The call to action needs to stand out among other information. It needs to be the first button, banner, or link that a visitor sees. Put it in bright, flashy colors with strategic placement. Test your website to see where visitors look first and what attracts them (try using eye tracking technology that uses predictive analytics…. go to itrackingresearch.com to learn more) Your word choice should include a verb that relates to what action the visitor will be performing, such as: “buy now”, “get your coupon here”, “sign up“, “download“. It is also beneficial to create a call to action that is unique to what you are selling, instead of the generic verbs. Take a look at some unique call to action examples that use imagery, customer voice, compelling experiences, a friendly approachable language, and emotion sparking words. Find out why they work: Kick-ass call to action examples.

4. Window of opportunity:  Give a time based deadline and present fear and greed to the visitor. This helps create a sense of urgency that an offer is only available until stock runs out or only available for a limited amount of time.

Strategies to enhance the Fab 4

Page designed for mobile and tablet experience. Recent reports show that shopping and browsing on mobile phones and tables are on the rise. Find where your customers are active and adapt to their needs. Make your pages credible and attractive by looking professional and clean with pleasant, high-quality images and videos.

Important elements: Videos and convincing information. Make your landing page a video landing page and increase your opportunities for conversions. The best way to convey a feeling of welcome is video. Along with videos, use convincing information to help visitors make decisions: try placing customer reviews, FAQs, pricing information, and product descriptions/details as they apply to your business.  Remember that placement matters, so make sure to place a compelling/prominent video above the fold on your page. A great experience should allow the viewer to evaluate and purchase easily and effectively. Do not bury your videos on your website, yet place it right on the landing page! (vidcaster)