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How to Gear Up for A Marketing Plan that Works

How to Gear Up for A Marketing Plan that Works
February 8, 2015 Becca Flynn
Gear up for a marketing plan that works

Marketing is an essential component to running a business and therefore marketing goals and objectives should be strategically created and implemented. Marketing has everything to do with your company’s internal environment, the industry you perform in, product/service, value/benefits your customer receives, your target audience, price, promotions, advertising, and distribution channels. There is a lot to consider and there are key parts that can easily be overlooked in building a communications strategy that must be clearly identified. Lets focus on these core parts that will help you gear up for a marketing plan that works.

Why should someone be impressed? First, understand your company so that your customers can understand you. Who are you and what business are you in? What need are you filling and with what solution? Look at your mission statement. Does your mission statement explain to your customers and employees the value that your product/service delivers? It is important to first understand what you do, how you do it and why that gives you a leg up from the competitors? This should be clearly stated in your mission statement so that everyone internal and external to your company understands the true purpose of the business.

Who are you trying to impress? Next, understand your customer. Who is your audience? Who are you trying speak to and where are they currently looking for a solution? Trends in marketing today are leaning more towards inbound marketing (niche) and less towards outbound marketing (mass), especially with those on the web. This good read we found on the Hubspot blog noted that outbound marketing techniques are less and less effective over time because consumers are able to find more ways to block out unwanted interruptions. It also claimed that:

“the cost of coordination around learning about something new or shopping for something new using the internet (search engines, blogs, and social media) is now much lower than going to a seminar at the Marriott or flying to a trade show in Las Vegas.”  (Brian Halligan at HubSpot, @bhalligan)

Lets look at the analogy of lions hunting in the jungle for elephants (also written by Brian Halligan at HubSpot):

“The elephants used to be in the jungle in the ’80s and ’90s when they learned their trade, but they don’t seem to be there anymore.  They have all migrated to the watering holes on the savannah (the internet).  So, rather than continuing to hunt in the jungle, I recommend setting up shop at the watering hole or turning your website into its own watering hole.”

Lastly, plenty of consumer research is good in this situation to help answer the questions of what really matters to your customer and where they are looking.

Why choose you? Define your unique selling proposition and show it off in your marketing campaign. This will attract new customers and steal customers away from competitors. This is the most important part, the attention grabber that will attract attention in an overcrowded marketplace. If you have something to sell, sell it well! Try telling your story with a twist to make it interesting. After all of the consumer research and hard work you put into your business, don’t be afraid to get creative and be unique.

Marketing through storytelling with a twist

This example of Apple’s ad “1984” might be in the past, but it did grab attention.