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Constructing a Political Message

Constructing a Political Message
October 27, 2014 Zach Everman
Rick campaign helicopter shot

Earlier this year, Pixel Labs was given a unique opportunity to work on our first political campaign. Understanding how annoying political commercials have always been to us personally, we found ourselves in an interesting situation.

We took the meeting anyway, interested to hear what he was looking to accomplish. After hearing his story, his goals, and how passionate he was about the community he lived in, we decided there was no way we could pass up this opportunity.

We went straight to the drawing board and established 3 things right away:

  • We have a unique story to tell
  • We will NOT produce the typical political junk that annoys people
  • We need to capture the attention of the community and speak straight to their hearts

We started production on Rick Giarusso’s message.

Focused on Rick’s core values, we produced 3 commercials that tell a story about the importance of small business and education while stepping back and looking at every issue from a new perspective. While some people may feel they are fancy commercials, we really just believe that they were the most effective way to tell everyone about Rick’s message, using his passions of flying and training to illustrate his dedication to any task he is presented with.

As a Small Business, we have already seen the effects of Rick’s values, as he is doing the job before even seeing any results from November 4th. Our production house, while very young, has seen an incredible increase in business just from the support of Rick and his campaign. Rick had the opportunity to use other advertising professionals in the area, but he believes in supporting the small businesses in our community and took a chance on the new creative house instead.

Whether you are a democrat or republican, we encourage everyone in our community, especially the small business owners, to reach out to Rick personally and take a few minutes to learn a little about him. And when November 4 is here, and you are getting ready to vote, consider voting for Rick, and see how his new perspective can have a positive impact on Cedar Falls.

We would like to thank Rick, his family and the entire campaign for believing in Pixel Labs and supporting the growth of small businesses in the Cedar Valley. Giving us the creative freedom to develop your campaign message has allowed us to explore new tools and techniques in our production process and has helped us grow as a creative production house. You will likely never know how much of a real impact you have had on the success of Pixel Labs.