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  • Taylor Bluemel, Pixel Labs Intern

    Meet the Team: Taylor Bluemel | Video Production Intern

    We have a University of Northern Iowa (UNI) student on our team, Taylor Bluemel, and we are more than excited to…

    by Becca Flynn
  • Always: “Like A Girl”

    Video Spotlights allow us to find videos that we think are interesting and that deserve the spotlight.  Our goal is to…

    by Becca Flynn
  • World Cup, Pixel Labs, 4K, Sony. FiFA

    What does the World Cup 2014 and Pixel Labs have in Common?

    GOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLL! Now that I have your attention, lets see how what else has grabbed yours at  the World Cup 2014 so…

    by Becca Flynn
  • Why Video?: The Effectiveness of Video Marketing

    It’s simple. Video is engaging to an audience, increases conversion rates, and tracks your results.  Online video marketing is the…

    by Becca Flynn
  • Meet the Team: Becca Flynn

    Take a few minutes and meet the newest member of the Pixel Labs team, Becca Flynn. Becca is the Account…

    by Becca Flynn
  • Collaboration

    Why is Collaboration so Important?

    col·lab·o·rate To work with another person or group in order to achieve or do something. Collaboration can be seen as…

    by Becca Flynn
  • Pixel Labs is Shooting in 4K!

    Just a couple weeks ago, Pixel Labs added some new tech to the team. We now have the ability to…

    by Becca Flynn