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  • 360 Video Blurred Lines

    360 Video Blurred Lines 360 video. Virtual Reality. A new way to engage an audience who has become bored with…

  • We have to go…smaller?

    Marketing in 2016: We have to go…smaller? Picture this: you’re walking down the street enveloped in the bright colors and…

    by Reese Reimers
  • three future marketing predictions. Make your next project the ying to your yang

    Three Marketing Predictions: Make Your Next Project The Ying To Your Yang

    Make your next marketing project the Ying to your Yang with these marketing predictions. What are the key ingredients for brands in…

    by Becca Flynn
  • become a selfie savvy marketer

    Revealing the Selfie Savvy Marketer

    The Selfie Timeline 2013: Nominated the Oxford word of the year 2014: Declared the year of the selfie (according to…

    by Becca Flynn
  • effective video landing page

    How to Create an Effective Video Landing Page

    Why should I Care?  Ecommerce is and has been the new craving among businesses and consumers. Although it is evident that…

    by Becca Flynn
  • video advertising trends in retail

    Video Advertising Trends In Retail

    “Retail has comprised the largest share of digital advertising spending over the past five years, which can be partly attributed…

    by Becca Flynn
  • Make Your Brand A Video Advertising Champion

    Make Your Brand A Video Advertising Champion For 2015

    Make Your Brand A Video Advertising Champion With every business decision you make, ask how it benefits your customer. To…

    by Becca Flynn
  • video marketing takeaways

    Key Video Marketing Takeaways for 2015

    “The Play button is the most compelling call-to-action on the web.” — Vidyard CEO These words were presented by Vidyard’s…

    by Becca Flynn
  • NCAA March Madness: 5 Things To Read and Watch Before The Final Four Tournament

    This weekend, we watched some brackets crumble and some thrive as Duke, Michigan State, Kentucky, and Wisconsin advance into the Final Four of…

    by Becca Flynn
  • How Will You Celebrate National Pi Day?

    2015 National Pi Day is a once- in-a-century celebration. At 9:26:53 a.m. on Saturday it will be 3.14.15 9:26:53 This…

    by Becca Flynn