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Samsung Vs iPhone Commercial : Video Marketing #NotetheDifference

Samsung Vs iPhone Commercial : Video Marketing #NotetheDifference
September 11, 2014 Becca Flynn
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It’s a Samsung vs Apple iPhone commercial showdown: Shameless, clever, and fun are 3 ways to describe the way Samsung didn’t waste any time creating and sharing a series of ads that mocked Apple’s new iPhone release.   You can check out the video ads on the Samsung Youtube playlist “It Doesn’t Take a Genius” and find the hashtag #NotetheDifference:

1. “What was that they just said?” This video cleverly touches on Apple’s glitch in their live streaming to viewers on Tuesdsay.


2. “Wait a minute, that’s not even new!” This video puts Samsung ahead of Apple in the innovation aspect of technology.


3. “Wait, two screens?!.. we wish” This video pokes fun at the fact that the Samsung Galaxy allows for multi-tasking, opposed to the iPhone’s lack there of.


4. “Now this is just getting way out of hand, we STILL have to use our fingers?!”….. I guess this one is a question of personal preference


5. “Ugh, down to 50% already..is it even noon?!” Personally, I will never understand the battery life of my phone. Here is what Samsung has to say for Apple’s case


6. “But wait..there’s more!” Samsung doesn’t seem to be too impressed..are you?


Well.. there you have it. Apple got the ultimate serve from Samsung with some interesting video marketing tactics. The fast lash out on Apple’s brand new excitement is what gives this marketing formula extra attention. What do you think?

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